Getting Through The Airport Faster – With An Infant

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How can I get through the airport faster with an infant?

Getting Through The Airport Faster – With An Infant

Air travel isn't what it used to be. Thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration's ever-changing restrictions on what is allowed on an airplane, coupled with getting through a security checkpoints, are enough to fray the most seasoned traveler. Now consider the luggage, the security, and the scanning with infants. By using these tried and true methods, you'll find getting through the airport and onto the plane might turn out to be a quick and painless process:

  • Have your boarding passes ready and on hand before you get to the airport. Thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, you can book online, print out your boarding passes 24 hours before your flight, and go straight to the security clearance checkpoint. If you book your travel plans online, find a site that includes infants (children under age 2) in its reservation process. Expedia and Orbitz both have the option to book for your infant.
  • Give yourself ample time to get to the airport, but always double check your flight's status before you leave the house so you can plan accordingly. Simply go to the Website of the airline you're flying, have your flight number, and departure and arrival airports on hand.
  • Time is not always on our side, especially with infants. If you want to speed your way through the security checkpoint line, find out what the wait time is at each location by checking out the Transportation Security Administration's Website (
  • Even if the airline doesn't have a standard pre-boarding for parents with kids, it never hurts to ask. But ask nicely. Most airport personnel will let you on the plane in the first tier of boarding passengers.



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