Bottle Accessories To Make Travel Feeding Easier

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What are some bottle accessories available to make feeding easier?

Bottle Accessories To Make Travel Feeding Easier

Any parent with an infant knows that feeding baby when you're traveling means schlepping around a lot of equipment. If you've looked at the number of bottle accessories out there, you might be wondering what's necessary and what's not? You can get by with a bottle and breast milk or formula, but having some bottle accessories certainly will make your life simpler if you're traveling. Here's a look at a few choices:

Bottle warmer – It's certainly not an absolute, but many parents feel better serving Junior a bottle at just the right temperature. And when he graduates to solids, you can use a lot of these bottle warmers as food warmers as well. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer makes a bottle warmer which is relatively compact and easy to use. Warm formula or breast milk up in five minutes the first time around. You will need to plug it in, however, so it's best at a hotel or at Grandma's house.

Bottle Sterilizer – You can wash the bottles by hand or put them in the dishwasher, but if you like a convenient all-in-one package for cleaning your baby bottles, these bottle accessories work well if you've got a microwave. Place the bottles in the bottle sterilizer, microwave for a few minutes, and you have sterilized bottles.

Formula Pitcher – For a no-fuss way of mixing 32 oz. of formula, use a formula pitcher. With measurements on the side, you just need to add water and the formula powder. Store it in the fridge and you won't have to make multiple bottles throughout the day.



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