Booster Seats For Meals On The Go

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What’s an easy way to seat my infants at restaurants?

Booster Seats For Meals On The Go

If your infant is eating and you're traveling or on the road, you need an easy way to feed her for meals. Booster seats for meals on the go can make your life easier at the restaurant or hotel. They're portable, many come with their own trays, and they're relatively easy to clean up after.

One popular and affordable model is the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. It folds up for easy transport with a carrying strap. You can remove the trays for easy clean-ability in the dishwasher. These booster seats have three height settings, allowing you to adjust accordingly to the height of the table. When your infant is toddler aged, remove the tray and use it solely as a booster seat at the table.

Another popular item is the Bumbo Baby Sitter. It's a molded piece of polyurethane which you place your infant in for secure sitting. Use it for dining or as a place to put baby for a few minutes to play or so you have your hands free. It's easy to clean – you simply wipe with a damp cloth – and it's simple to use with no moving parts. Just pick it up and you're on the move. The manufacturer suggests babies as young as three months can sit in it, but make sure your infant has good neck control if you're going to use these chairs as booster seats.



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