Stroller Accessories Made Especially For Baby

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What accessories can I get that’ll keep my baby entertained?

Stroller Accessories Made Especially For Baby

There's a whole host of accessories out there you can add that are geared towards your infant's comfort and entertainment. The question is, what do you pick from the sheer number of stroller accessories made especially for baby? Here's a list of a few of our picks.

Toy Bar – Get a toy attachment that connects to your stroller or infant seat. Tiny Love makes an arch with three dangling characters in colors and shapes that babies love. Any clip on toy that's interactive, plays music, and comes in bright, fun colors, works well.

Stroller Bootcover – These accessories are made especially for baby and are the perfect stroller accessory to keep little ones warm. Simply attach the stroller bootcover to your stroller and you eliminate the need for any blankets. JJ Cole makes one which has a shearling inner lining to keep little ones warm.

Portable Mobile – Mobiles aren't just for cribs. Get a portable mobile and clip it onto your stroller or infant car seat. You might keep your baby or toddler entertained long enough to get through the checkout line. Try the Sassy Mobile Caterpillar which attaches with a strong suction arm and lets your baby interact with colorful dangling toys.



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