Jogging Strollers Aren't Just For Jogging

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Are jogging strollers appropriate for daytrips to the mall?

Jogging Strollers Aren't Just For Jogging

Jogging strollers have hit the stroller market by storm. Companies from Cosco to InStep have put out these strollers. However, they're popular enough with parents that you'll see them at the mall, at a casual walk around the block, or at a park outing. In fact, some jogging type strollers have been named sport strollers instead. Whether you're contemplating the purchase of a jogging stroller for actual jogging or you're just looking for a stylish, maneuverable urban transport around town, there are a few things to consider.

  • Though you can use jogging strollers for younger infants at 6 months of age, make sure your little one has sufficient neck muscles to handle the ride.
  • The best time to take your little tykes in a jogging stroller ride is during the toddler stage – about 18 months and up. They can handle longer outings if your jogging routine calls for it.
  • If you're looking for an upscale jogging stroller, get one made of an aluminum frame. You won't have to worry about rust when your stroller is subjected to damp weather.
  • If you plan on using your jogging stroller past your child's preschool years, get one with wider seats. Many jogging strollers have narrow seats best suited for infants and young toddlers.



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