Pros And Cons of Full Size Strollers

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Are full size strollers practical purchases?

Pros And Cons of Full Size Strollers

Full size strollers have it all. They come jam packed with every trinket, accessory, and feature you could ask for. But they're not known for their easy transportability, either. However, if you want a stroller to carry all the bells and whistles, full size strollers may be for you. Here's a look at the pros and cons:

  • Full size strollers don't skimp on features like canopies, tray tables, and baskets, so they are heavy. After one or two hauls in and out of the trunk with a bulky purchase, you may rethink your 30-pound stroller.
  • Full size strollers, do often come with extras like a tray table, generous sized basket, and cup-holders. If you ever want to put down a few bags, jackets, and your latte all in one place, you'll probably appreciate that full size strollers can accommodate you.
  • Full size strollers do offer some degree of flexibility. Find one that can accommodate your infant car seat and you can use this stroller well into the preschool age when your child has long graduated from infant carrier.



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