Getting Double And Triple Strollers

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Are there strollers that I can get for multiple kids?

Getting Double And Triple Strollers

Whether you have twins, triplets, or siblings who are still in diapers, double and triple strollers will make your life easier. Double and triple strollers let you take multiple young children with you for a walk, out for a jog, or through the mall with ease. When you're shopping for double and triple strollers, you can choose from two main types – side-by-side strollers or front-back strollers. Side-by-side strollers have riders sitting next to each other, while front-back strollers have riders in line, one behind the other. Some parents feel the front-back configuration works best for an older child and younger sibling, while twins and triplets are happier in the side-by-side strollers.



4/20/2015 4:41:21 PM
rabih said:

hi, for the side-by-side double strollers, do you recommend a 6 wheels or 4 would do? thanks


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