Keep Your Hands Free With A Baby Bjorn

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What’s a good way to carry my baby around and keep my hands free?

Keep Your Hands Free With A Baby Bjorn

It's perhaps one of the best-known baby carriers around. The Baby Bjorn is a padded front baby carrier for babies and a great way to keep your hands free whether you're taking a walk or going around the house. Newborns will be content to fall asleep in the baby carrier facing you. The Baby Bjorn also allows you to carry an older baby with good neck control facing out. You can carry babies just a week old who are as small as 8 pounds and at least 21 inches tall in a Baby Bjorn. The manufacturer lists 22 pounds as the maximum weight limit for carrying an infant, but carrying around a heavier infant for any extended period of time tends to weigh on the shoulders with the original baby carrier version.



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