Graduating to Booster Car Seats

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When do I put my child into a booster car seat?

Graduating to Booster Car Seats

Think your child is ready for a booster car seat? Booster car seats placed in the backseat of cars are the safest environments for your child -The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends the rear seating arrangement for all kids 12 and under. If you're wondering when to move your child from a forward facing car seat to a booster, take these guidelines into consideration:

  • Keep your baby in a rear-facing car seat if she's under a year old and not yet 20 pounds.
  • Don't move your little one into a forward-facing car seat until she is at least a year old and at least 20 pounds.
  • Kids who are between four to eight years old and from 40 to 80 pounds should be in booster car seats. Don't forget to buckle your child up.
  • If your child is not yet over the recommended height or age limit, don't put her in a car and fasten her in on her own. The use of a regular seatbelt without a booster for a child who is smaller than 80 pounds isn't enough to give her the protection she needs if you do get into an auto accident.



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