The Zoo Alternative – The Butterfly Habitat

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What is a good alternative to the zoo to bring a toddler?

The Zoo Alternative – The Butterfly Habitat

The zoo can be a wonderful educational experience for young children
and adults alike. But there is an alternative to taking your little ones
to the zoo. For young toddlers and infants, a trip out to a
butterfly habitat is an even better idea. You'll enter a world
surrounded by vibrant colors and lots of motion – two things babies and
toddlers love. Don't know where to go? Here are a few ideas for a
stopover on your next trip.

Butterfly Pavilion (– Located in Westminster,
Colorado, the Butterfly Pavilion is actually an insect zoo. Not only do
they have 1,200 butterflies from around the globe, the 30,000 square
foot facility houses tarantulas and scorpions as well as sea urchins, turtles,
and fish.

Mackinac Island Butterfly House (– This
Mackinac Island, Michigan butterfly facility has 1,800 square feet of
space to house 40 species of butterflies amid a tropical garden. In
addition, there is an exotic insect display featuring larger than life
insects like the Rhino Beetle and 14” Walking Stick.

Butterfly Conservatory ( Located a few minutes
from the famous Niagara Falls, there are over 2,000 butterflies in a
rainforest setting. Visitors walk along a 600-foot pathway to view over
50 species of butterflies in a warm, climate controlled environment.



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