Three Places You Might Not Have Thought To Take Your Baby

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Is there a way to watch movies and bring my infant?

Three Places You Might Not Have Thought To Take Your Baby

If you're in the city and trying to come up with some ideas on where to take your infant for a few hours, there are an abundance of places that are tailor made just for you and baby. Going out to the park or out for a stroll are just a few ideas, but these places do welcome babies, too:

The Library - Many parents might imagine hushed silences and stern librarians when they think of libraries. However, many libraries do, in fact, welcome babies and even have children's sections stocked with plush animals for younger tots and babies as well. The best time to go is during a storytelling session geared just for babies and toddlers. Check with the local library in the area to find out just when they occur.

The Movie Theater – It's true. Movie theaters are baby appropriate zones. At least during designated days and times during the week. Theaters like Loews and Mann in some cities have opened up their facilities to accommodate parents with infants who want to watch a current film on the big screen. Though you'll have to contend with the sound of crying babies, no one will care if your own baby makes any noise.

The Yoga Studio - It's not quite the same as having a meditative moment on your own, but it can be a fun and relaxing way to bond with your child. A number of yoga studios have programs incorporating classes for moms and babies. For the Pilate's fan, try a class created for you and baby.



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