Sun Safety In The Outdoors

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What safety precautions do I need to take from the sun when my baby is outdoors?

Sun Safety In The Outdoors

Any trip to the outdoors means you'll be spending a fair amount of time in the sun. Keep in mind that an infant's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's and more prone to burning. So it's always a good idea to keep safety precautions in mind during your vacation. Read on to find out what safety measures you can take to keep your baby away from the sun's harmful rays.

  • Cover your baby up in clothing that'll protect her from the sun. This means wearing a hat and long pants and shirts. You can also dress your child up in clothing which blocks UV rays. Coolibar ( sells infant swimwear, sun rompers, and hats which block out 98 percent of the UV rays.
  • To protect infant's eyes, you can get her a pair of UV protective shades. Baby Bandz sells sunglasses custom made to wrap around an infant's face and stays put with an elastic band. Never get sunglasses that aren't UV protective. They're actually more damaging to your eyes because the darkened appearance causes your pupils to let in more UV light.
  • Use sunblock with an SPF of 30 and reapply every 30 minutes, if your infant is over six months of age. If your baby will be in the water, don't forget to use a waterproof sunblock. You should also do a spot test on your infant's skin first to make sure she doesn't have any reactions.
  • Whenever possible, keep your baby in the shade if she's under six months of age – under a tree, under a tent shelter, or in a backpack with a sunshade.
  • Keep in mind that the sun's rays are strongest from 10 AM to 4PM. Both you and your baby should not be exposed to the sun's rays for prolonged periods of time without any sun protection.



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