Going To The Theme Park With Baby

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Is it a good idea to take my baby to the theme park?

Going To The Theme Park With Baby

Some parents simply cannot wait to take their children to a theme park. If your child is not uttering words more than “Gah” or “Coo”, we suspect the theme park experience is more for you than for baby. At any rate, though your visit won't be quite the way it was before baby, here are a few suggestions on taking your little one to a theme park.

  • Don't plan too much in a day. If you've booked a nearby hotel, you can take a few days to explore the major theme parks. If your baby is cranky, no one is having a good time.
  • Bring a stroller or rent one. For smaller babies, consider a baby carrier. If your infant will sleep in the stroller or carrier, you can take some time out to relax. Take a stroll through the shops or find a more scenic area of the park to enjoy.
  • A number of theme parks have baby care centers. Check if the one you're traveling to has this feature. They're cozy places where you can change diapers, breastfeed your baby, or kick up your heels with baby in a rocker. Disneyland, California Adventure, and Legoland all have baby care centers.
  • Use the fast pass service. Theme parks can come with the problem of long lines. A number of theme parks offer a fast pass service. This pass allows you you go about explore other areas of the park until your designated time. You then get to speed through the line to get on a ride. This works nicely if you want to switch off looking after baby with your spouse.
Helpful Hint: If you have a toddler aged child, consider Legoland in Carlsbad, California, which has toddler appropriate rides and attractions. Sesame Place, which is in Longhorn, Pennsylvania, is a themed park with water attractions that tots will enjoy as well.



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